When We Turned Within: Volume 2


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Trauma: An Invitation for Transformation

What do we do with the trauma we’ve endured? How do we live with our wounds? How do we find meaning in our suffering without trivializing our pain? In a deep exploration, examine the possibilities for transmuting trauma into transformation, drawing on the wisdom of parts-work and Judaism.

The Joy of Atonement

Offering an apology is a brave and powerful act in which we commit to a nobler, more just world. It might seem like a diminishment, but accepting and articulating responsibility for misdeeds not only honors those whom we harm, but it also expands our own sense of agency, reminding us that we have more impact on others than we might have considered and that we might harness that agency for good. Discover the power of apology and learn to apply it in your life.

Radical Monogamy

Modern discourse often insists that we ask too much from our life partners. What if the opposite is true? What if we don’t ask enough? Radical Monogamy proposes that it’s no coincidence that our intimate partners can push our buttons like no-one else— every time they do, each moment of conflict and pain, is an opportunity for deep healing, for growth, for erotic power, and for profound intimacy. Radical Monogamy explores the possibilities of intimate relationship as spiritual path. 

Genderqueer Spirituality

Many of us are estranged from genders other than the one we were assigned at birth. What opportunities open for us when we consider our life through the lens of other genders? What does Judaism have to teach all people about the capacity of different genders? In what ways might our spiritual lives be expanded and deepened by understanding the genderqueer experience and the gifts it can offer all people, of any gender?

Legends of the Talmud

Learn ancient Judaic lore and values with Legends of the Talmud, a curated anthology of five illustrated Talmudic tales. These ancient and powerful legends depict earthy and frank experiences of love, suffering, hope and persistence. This material is appropriate for people of any faith or background and can be crafted for audiences of any age.

Temple of the Stranger

Temple of the Stranger is a pop-up Judaic prayer service welcoming to all people and to all parts of who we are. A trauma-centered service, it welcomes in our brokenness to be seen and loved and held in community.

Cut Me Loose

Dive into the world of Cut Me Loose, the "compulsively readable memoir” (Bookpage) "about conquering the unique injustices forced on women in not one, but two, different worlds” (The Daily Beast) that "should be read, not just as a warning of the very real dangers of the world, but also of the price to be paid when, in the name of religion, people forget humanity” (The Wall Street Journal).


“To know Vincent is to love her, to ache with her, to kick up your feet and let down your hair with her.”—Koren Zailckas, bestselling author of Smashed and Mother, Mother

“Vincent’s voice is as lyrical as it brave, as hopeful as it is honest.”—Christa Parravani, author of Her

“Vincent’s writing brims with tension, insight, and longing.”—Margaux Fragoso, author of Tiger, Tiger

“Gutsy, smart, and incredibly difficult to put down, Cut Me Loose chronicles Leah Vincent’s perilous and poignant search for identity.” —Wendy Lawless, author of Chanel Bonfire

“Leah Vincent shares a harrowing journey that will speak to all children fleeing intolerance, who struggle to be seen and accepted on their own terms.” —Julie Metz, bestselling author of Perfection